Friday, May 14, 2010

Preggers and Backpacking

Starting out in Chiang Mia Thailand Nov 2009, we never imaged traveling while pregnant. Here we are 6 months and 2 weeks along in our pregnancy in May 2010 still in Thailand.

Traveling while pregnant isn't easy and has a tendency of leaving a preggers woman drained. It is however, stress free, and involves eating much more fruit. Also, in much of the world people constantly rub your belly and tell you the gender and send you off with well wishes.... sweet.

I am the first to admit dangers; such as rabies, Hep, Dengue fever, Malaria, the extreme heat, no cross walks, and a host of bacterias and viruses that thrive in these conditions. If precautions are taken then there is far less to fear. Some examples are to wear bug spray, stay out of Malaria/Dengue areas (as much as possible), treat cuts and wounds with great care, do not wash wound until healed in tap water while in Asia, eat at reputable places, take a long time to cross the street, and sleep in an air conditioned rooms.

That's my 2 cents for now.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Pregnant and never in the mood for food

We are 6 months along in the pregnancy and Thailand is good for the baby. The baby kicks lots when I sit or lay down, but when I the baby falls asleep.

The food here is amazing but hard for me to find passion for it. I walk around and look for the my hunger in shop windows and feel nothing. There are exceptions thought like chips, soda, candy, mcdonalds, and other really unhealthy crap. Offcourse, I stop all of that immediately as I remember the baby and the image in my mind drifts to a baby addicted to Cola, chips, and Mcdonalds. Obesity enters my mind, diabetites, high blood pressure, and high cholesteral all for these bad choices. They say in studies where mothers ate carrots, and salad, it was more likely that the baby would eat those things when offered vs. the babies who mothers did not eat those things.
I should start to write again- its good?

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Please ignore prev from marina

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Sleepy in chiang Mia

Today felt like it didn't happen. Even though this city allows me unlimited freedom. I found myself locked in a room sleeping both today and yesterday away. I first encountered chiang Mia almost 10 years ago. Yes it was love at first sight. I can walk this city and always find beauty, fun and serenity. This city is so charming. It's a good break in asia from rough travel. In India it's amazing but a struggle. Everyday in India is earned and maybe that's why I love it. Hoe Thailand is a joy to travel. The food is also some of the best in my opinion. Troy and I frequently talk of retiring here. No matter what I will always feel at home in this city.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Arirang Oriental Food Mart

1799 Portage Ave

We initially set out to try the Korean BBQ joint called Be One, however upon entering it was such a turn off the smell was bad, the interior was dark since most of the lights were off, there were no other dinners, the host was the cook and owner, and the it felt weird.

We jumped up and told the owner we though it was the sushi restaurant next door and left abruptly. I felt sorry for the owner but I wasn't ready to taste some old and stale grub.

We went into Ariang Food Mart to have sushi instead. My husband ordered the lunch special Benito box with soda, 1 regular roll, edamae, and goza (3pieces). I ordered the spicy tuna roll, salmon roll, two pieces of tuna sashami, and two pieces of salmon sashimi. I actually did enjoy the tender fish. However.......

I have a few complaints.
* The owner spoke with us and annoyed me. She was very nice and polite but she managed to go through every picture of sushi displayed and be very long winded in her explanation.
* The owner claimed her sushi is cheap(over 5 times). Not a good selling point in a sense, it makes it seem like you are ingesting cheap raw fish...scary. Tried not to think about it, a lot.
* It is the same price and value as say a much better restaurant like Meiji. At Ariang Market it's actually quite expensive.
* The tuna had blood marks on it, not so appealing.
* The lunch special was very small. One roll short of a meal in my opinion.
* There is no ambiance, but you ask what should I expect from a take out. At least less blood tuna.

Overall: **
out of 5 stars

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Finales Coffee House in winnipeg

Nice spot. The coffee was fine and the atmosphere was really what you come for. They have a few cakes we got the banana toffee cake which was the cake version of Bannoff pie and the caramel part was much too hard but the cake was nice, I like the concept of mashed bananas on the inside it added a good banana flavor. Will return for sure.

Honba Sushi Winnipeg

Honba Sushi
Dominion Centre

This looks like a take out spot. Everything is served in Styrofoam and take-out containers. Certainly, the thought of global warming is irrelevant in this sushi quickie.

We arrived 10 minutes late for the lunch special, and the girl behind the counter rudely informed me of this. I we ordered the spicy salmon roll,spicy tuna roll x2, miso soup, and a dynamite.

The spicy rolls' were good but much too much mayo and in the tuna roll there were several weird chewy bits. The miso soup was instant and OK. The dynamite roll was the best roll. Overall I found this place very expensive, if you miss the lunch special. I don't think I would run back, would much rather Meiji. Upon leaving I wanted to go to the bathroom and the girl was rude in telling me there wasn't one. I am afraid this rude girl might have encouraged this harsh review. You gotta be nice in a restaurant.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Freezing the tofu

Since I love tofu and have eaten it almost as long as I have pot pies, I have decided to work with it more this week. After being a vegetarian for many years (on and off since I was 16) I have learned to love the tofu and beans in general.

Freezing the tofu rules:
  • Make sure the tofu is firm, if its medium-firm them make sure to wrap it in several towels and put something on top for 6 hours to drain.
  • Place into the freezer for 24 hours or more, allowing for the texture to develop.
  • When you remove the tofu from the freezer, wrap in towels and wait for the defrost- usually takes me from 8-5pm.
  • The tofu texture will almost be like tripe (so I hear).

Then add some flavor. For quick stir fry's i just add soy sauce and cornstarch and its good.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Vi-Ann Restaurant in winnipeg

This Vietnamese restaurant in Winnipeg is slamming. They make my favorite vegetarian bunn in the city and an excellent Vegetable chow mein. They add tons of fresh vegetables and the sauces are great. There is a word of warning however, DO NOT ORDER OUTSIDE OF THE BOX. This is really serious, if you order anything beside the vegetarian bunn or the chow mein I can not guarantee you will like it. They do a few dishes well and the rest beware of. One time we walked in and decided to order totally wild and funky. This was a big mistake, but it was only after the fact. We ordered the shady lemon chicken and something weird with vegetarian duck. We have never strayed again, because we stick with he two trusted dishes. This reveiw is totallly positive.

Mondragon in winnipeg

The food blows, the service really sucks, but I keep returning?
I do like the vibe and I dig that they allow the homeless population entry and a hang out space. I respect Mondragon for those things, however bad food and bad service needs to end. I mean how come their hummus is awful? Its simple to make a good hummus and they should be selling out of it!
Their starving courier platter comes with soaked chips and a not so yummie fake beef. Well, I would love to see them work out their food. Food is political, but shouldn't Political food taste good?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

7 1/4 Bistro in Winnipeg

Well, this place is quite close to my condo and a year earlier I had really enjoyed a meal in this restaurant. Today I have to kind of trash it! Its wild bc, I live among Canadians and as a result I am becoming sensitive to hurting peoples feelings, what a shame.

I got the chicken sandwich for lunch with fries. Another friend got the mussels, and a beet soup.

The beet Soup: I didn't try this off red shebang but it looked off. The girl who ordered the soup barely had a few spoon fulls before giving up. She said it tasted of cream, water, and boiled beets. This was terrible.

The chicken sandwich: It was some kind of previously cooked and frozen breast with tomato's (nice orange ones), mayo, and Cheddar cheese. This sandwich was something I ate, but really would have rather went to Stella's, or tomato pie then endure this meal. The bread tasted boring and old despite it appearing like Ciabatta.

Pomme Frite: THESE WERE FRIED HARD! bad. The mayo was old and looked off, why serve this.

The Mussels: They were fine, but not incredible. Too bad.

Sadly the quality and passion in the place have been lost.

Overall rating: **1/2
atmosphere: ****
Decor ****
Food: **
Service: ***
Out of 5 stars

Bombay Garden in NYC

  • 234 7th Ave, New York 10011
  • (Btwn 23rd & 24th St)

This was a strange eating experience, first after we arrived at 1:10 they were nearly full for lunch. We got up and there were no chicken, lamb, veggies, nan, or salad. We pretty much sat down with a bunch of old pieces of fried eggplant and rice. They slowly arrived with nan which half of the restaurant ran up for, then tandoori chicken again half the place got up for. This went on for sometime, the dish's were brought in small amounts and finished quickly. Despite this place trying to starve customers the food was spot on. The onion chutney was great, the chicken tandoori was nice, the chicken korma was just breast of chicken and a nice light sauce, and one of the veggie curry's was nice. The salad was no good, the no frill rice was bland, the appetizers were deep fried unidentified objects, and the nan wasn't special. Overall I would maybe eat here again, even though too much weird stuff transpired. The dishes I liked I really liked.

Another thing to note is this place was closed by the health department for tons of violations a few months prior to our meal.

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Pancake house in winnipeg

The pancake house in the forks has never really drawn me in. With its dreadfully boring decor and its overall uneventful feeling, I just couldn't foresee the day. Several days ago, someone mentioned they have this large breakfast special, so this drew me in. $4.49 for the normal breakfast of 2 eggs, potatoes, bacon, and toast or pancake. We finished yoga and decided to have a nice breakfast out.

The eggs: fine, as requested. Over easy-- In Russian its like a closed eye and that's what I always think of when eating this type of egg. Not a good imagine.

The potato's: These were not home fries. They were in fact just square cut fries. They were grease and yet I finished them. I do want to note, I was hungry and not happy with them despite the appearance of my plate.

The bacon- I don't like so gave it to my husband. I think he didn't mind it.

The pancakes: fine, nothing worth writing in the blog! An obvious mix, that was fine.
The waitress wasn't very attentive, but she had many tables and its really not her fault.

overall: *1/2
Atmosphere: *
Decor: *
Food: *1/2
service: **

Saturday, April 11, 2009

NY Times Brike recipe from 1981

I am planning to make Brik. It looks so good.

Sweet Impressions

Finally decided to enter this bakery. I loved the look, the inside smells of butter and sugar- yum. The sugar cookies look totally cool as do the cakes and cupcakes. The outside all the way to the interior is really nice. We are excited to try chocolate cupcakes and the brownies for the chocolate month in Winnipeg. The cupcakes look amazing, the brownies are pre-wrapped in plastic and are very small. We finally get cups of tea prepared to eat the yummies.

The Brownies: They are small and flavorless and are very dry have a ton of tea ready. Brownie mixes are easily better, sad but true. They are a skip- hardly the rich chocolate flavor I expected.

The chocolate cupcake: The butter cream was the best part of both the cupcake and brownie experience, but hardly my favorite frosting. The cupcake is moist which I find to be a relief after such a dry brownie. However, the actually cake part is not very good, too much flour taste and too much baking powder of soda after taste (not good sensation on the tongue). There is no chocolate flavor in the actual cake. Sadly bland.

Food: *1/2
atmosphere: ***
Out of 5 stars

Les Jasmins De La Tunisie in winnipeg

Les Jasmins De La Tunisie
111 - 131 Provencher Blvd.
Winnipeg, MB R2H0G2

After hearing about this restaurant for sometime from our friend, Troy and I finally ventured to St. Boniface to try it. We started with two samosas, but after watching the owner take out Tupperware from the fridge full of samosas and then bring them to the kitchen and shortly after to us, I was prepared for the worst. When cutting into it the aroma of spices was wonderful. The outer crust was not crispy, but microwave soft. . The samosa had so much flavor, it was nice. It was potato, peas, curry, cilantro, and various spices that I wasn't familiar with. Overall a good introduction.

After talking to the owner we ordered the Oja with shrimp and a chicken couscous. The chicken couscous was good and came with veggies and a leg of chicken. It was very nice, it was like a Tunisian stew. The chicken had good flavour and was fall off the bone. The oja shrimp was a wonderful spicy tomato sauce with a poached egg in the middle (I would have preferred the egg not be poached firm, so the yolk would burst and engulf the dish), but it was wonderful. It arrived with a homemade rolls that was made from 60% wholewheat, I am guessing. It was wonderful and we enjoyed all of our food. The restaurant's dishes range in price. From $6-$15. Our total including drinks and tax was $30.00. We didn't try their Brik this time, but will plan a return trip for this favorite Tunisian speciality(also I am planing to make it at home!) I hear the Brik comes with a hard boiled egg- which isn't the best way to have Brik, but the only way at the moment in winnipeg.

Value **
Price *
food **1/2
atmosphere *
All out of 5

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Winnipeg Events

Wednesday March 25

  • The Power to Radically Change Society, seriously.

A discussion introduced by David Camfield.
7:00 pm, Emma Goldman Grassroots Centre
91 Albert St., 2nd Floor (above Mondragon Bookstore & Coffeehouse)

Organized by the Winnipeg New Socialist Group.

  • CNIB Eye on the Arts Benefit Auction 2009

Location: Winnipeg Convention Centre
Time: 5 p.m. - 10 p.m.
Information:Enjoy an exciting evening of beautiful art, live auctioneering, dinner & music. Laurie Mustard hosts the 10th annual CNIB Eye on the Arts auction in support of CNIB programs & services. For more info call 774-5421 or visit

Saturday March 28th 2009

  • Jodi King (Live Music. Duo)
Saturday Mar 28 2009 8:00 pm - Polo Park in Prairie Ink Restaurant, Winnipeg

Sunday March 29 2009

  • Pat Ternovetsky & Zane Belton (Signing) Sunday Mar 29 2009 2:00 pm - Polo Park, Winnipeg

Signing copies of Who Wants This Puppy? A heartwarming children’s book that tells the story of a puppy who is brought home as a Christmas gift, but soon finds himself lonely and unwanted. He is eventually taken to the local animal shelter who finds him a loving family. Nine-year-old illustrator Zane Belton will also be on hand signing books.

  • RUMMAGE SALE for CancerCare Manitoba

Address: 1 sir john franklin road, Winnipeg, MB, R3N View map
Location: Winnipeg
Date Listed: 19-Mar-09
Event Date(s): 29-Mar-09
Event Time: 11:00 to 16:00

Our Challenge for life team "Staples for Les" is holding a rummage sale to raise funds for our walk.
It takes place at SIR JOHN FRANKLIN COMMUNITY CENTRE on MARCH 29TH from 11-4pm.
Clothing, toys, electronics and household items, all priced to sell!
Come out and support a great cause!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Han Bat in little Korea is so good

The seafood pancake was wonderful. The crispy outer pancake which managed not to be too greasy despite being pan fried. The inside gushing with calamari, shrimp, and green onion. The first bite is crispy and soft on the inside.

We also ordered the Soon Doo Boo or spice seafood and tofu soup. The soup comes with rice and is full of clams, oysters, and a very large prawn, and tofu. It screams with all its spicy goodness. The broth is seafood based which really helps bring flavor to the tofu.

Previous visits I usually get the Bibimbop in the hot pot, and it is amazing. I always ask to have the cast iron pot get extra heated for a very crispy rice bottom. They have one of my favorites.

The side dishes were diakon carrot salad, Kimchi, fish cakes, a sweet potato pancake, pickled radishes, green beans, and a strange romaine salad with French dressing. These dishes are always rotating and changing, in true Korean fashion.

The hot green tea was not very strong but all things considered the food here is great. That king prawn is better then it looks- yummie.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Song Restaurant is singing for me

Song was a wonderful food experience. I loved the sleek outside and the DJ turn tables inside spinning funky mixes. We ordered the calamari, the summer roll, pad Thai (tofu), pad See yue, and coconut soup.
We ordered the small portion of calamari but when it arrived it was quite big. They were circular and crunchy with a tangy sweet and sour chunky sauce.
The summer roll was rather bland and the shrimp flavor was battling with tofu and too many other flavours including mustard and a hosin sauce.

The Pad Thai with tofu was good, not the best. For the classic and still the best go to pongsri . The tofu was fried and tasted off, and no real flavor. The noodles were good with chunky bits of peanuts with every bite, but there were also bits of lemon seeds that really should be removed. My friend had the pad see yue with beef that she loved and gobbled up happily.

The coconut soup smelled great but it was too thick and not enough curry flavor- not my favorite. Overall this restaurant was good, the food was cheap ($40 total for all the above), portions large, not too much oil, and good flavor.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dumpling House is my cheap haven

This dumpling house was my second favorite place in New York and largely ignored by me until now. Previously, I was an active patron of the small Chinese restaurant on 32nd st bet 7th ave and 6th ave. The restaurant is no longer there but the yummy vegetable dumplings were my favorite. They were the "Dumpling Nazi's" and had a policy to mistreat their customers. Despite their obvious disdain for paying customers their dumplings were the best and they were always packed. They would only give you two sauce containers with every 8 dumpling order, and another would set you back $.25. This restaurant is now closed leaving my new favorite dumpling spot as Dumpling house.

Dumpling house is so cheap its an old school favorite. The tables are cramped and the ordering is fast paced and unfriendly. The veggie dumplings and sesame veggie sandwiches will cost you a total of $4.50. The eight Veggie dumplings ($3.00) arrive steaming hot, I don't get them pan fried. The condiments on the table are watered down soy with rice vinegar mix and hot sauce. The soy mix has too much water and I find that I pour almost half a cup into my plate. The dumplings have tofu, scallion, carrot, cilantro, spinach, and garlic. The dough is soft and steamed to perfection. The vegetables are not overcooked, vibrant, and fresh. The sauce is too light to really add the necessary vinegar and soy flavor that these dumplings need.

The sesame vegetable sandwich was a little greasy on the outside. The vegetables inside the sandwich were shredded carrots, cilantro, lettuce, and a hoisin sauce. The greasy sandwich shell needs a good tissue rub down to remove the oily feeling and the inside is wonderful and refreshing. This sandwich is a mere $1.50 and very filling and healthy. The sesame bread is $.75 without any stuffing and a good treat.

I finished the meal with a wonderful warm cup of soy milk ($1.00). It was nice to have the sweet Chinatown drink to end a good meal.

Overall this is a good meal and leaves me loving this Dive.