Friday, February 20, 2009

Han Bat in little Korea is so good

The seafood pancake was wonderful. The crispy outer pancake which managed not to be too greasy despite being pan fried. The inside gushing with calamari, shrimp, and green onion. The first bite is crispy and soft on the inside.

We also ordered the Soon Doo Boo or spice seafood and tofu soup. The soup comes with rice and is full of clams, oysters, and a very large prawn, and tofu. It screams with all its spicy goodness. The broth is seafood based which really helps bring flavor to the tofu.

Previous visits I usually get the Bibimbop in the hot pot, and it is amazing. I always ask to have the cast iron pot get extra heated for a very crispy rice bottom. They have one of my favorites.

The side dishes were diakon carrot salad, Kimchi, fish cakes, a sweet potato pancake, pickled radishes, green beans, and a strange romaine salad with French dressing. These dishes are always rotating and changing, in true Korean fashion.

The hot green tea was not very strong but all things considered the food here is great. That king prawn is better then it looks- yummie.

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