Monday, April 13, 2009

The Pancake house in winnipeg

The pancake house in the forks has never really drawn me in. With its dreadfully boring decor and its overall uneventful feeling, I just couldn't foresee the day. Several days ago, someone mentioned they have this large breakfast special, so this drew me in. $4.49 for the normal breakfast of 2 eggs, potatoes, bacon, and toast or pancake. We finished yoga and decided to have a nice breakfast out.

The eggs: fine, as requested. Over easy-- In Russian its like a closed eye and that's what I always think of when eating this type of egg. Not a good imagine.

The potato's: These were not home fries. They were in fact just square cut fries. They were grease and yet I finished them. I do want to note, I was hungry and not happy with them despite the appearance of my plate.

The bacon- I don't like so gave it to my husband. I think he didn't mind it.

The pancakes: fine, nothing worth writing in the blog! An obvious mix, that was fine.
The waitress wasn't very attentive, but she had many tables and its really not her fault.

overall: *1/2
Atmosphere: *
Decor: *
Food: *1/2
service: **

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  1. I'm with you on this. I've never been a fan of the Pancake House. I always thought it was kind of expensive and nothing special.