Friday, May 1, 2009

Arirang Oriental Food Mart

1799 Portage Ave

We initially set out to try the Korean BBQ joint called Be One, however upon entering it was such a turn off the smell was bad, the interior was dark since most of the lights were off, there were no other dinners, the host was the cook and owner, and the it felt weird.

We jumped up and told the owner we though it was the sushi restaurant next door and left abruptly. I felt sorry for the owner but I wasn't ready to taste some old and stale grub.

We went into Ariang Food Mart to have sushi instead. My husband ordered the lunch special Benito box with soda, 1 regular roll, edamae, and goza (3pieces). I ordered the spicy tuna roll, salmon roll, two pieces of tuna sashami, and two pieces of salmon sashimi. I actually did enjoy the tender fish. However.......

I have a few complaints.
* The owner spoke with us and annoyed me. She was very nice and polite but she managed to go through every picture of sushi displayed and be very long winded in her explanation.
* The owner claimed her sushi is cheap(over 5 times). Not a good selling point in a sense, it makes it seem like you are ingesting cheap raw fish...scary. Tried not to think about it, a lot.
* It is the same price and value as say a much better restaurant like Meiji. At Ariang Market it's actually quite expensive.
* The tuna had blood marks on it, not so appealing.
* The lunch special was very small. One roll short of a meal in my opinion.
* There is no ambiance, but you ask what should I expect from a take out. At least less blood tuna.

Overall: **
out of 5 stars


  1. You guys go to a lot of sushi places. I used to eat sushi about onece a year just so I could remember that I don't like it. Now I don't even do that anymore.