Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dumpling House is my cheap haven

This dumpling house was my second favorite place in New York and largely ignored by me until now. Previously, I was an active patron of the small Chinese restaurant on 32nd st bet 7th ave and 6th ave. The restaurant is no longer there but the yummy vegetable dumplings were my favorite. They were the "Dumpling Nazi's" and had a policy to mistreat their customers. Despite their obvious disdain for paying customers their dumplings were the best and they were always packed. They would only give you two sauce containers with every 8 dumpling order, and another would set you back $.25. This restaurant is now closed leaving my new favorite dumpling spot as Dumpling house.

Dumpling house is so cheap its an old school favorite. The tables are cramped and the ordering is fast paced and unfriendly. The veggie dumplings and sesame veggie sandwiches will cost you a total of $4.50. The eight Veggie dumplings ($3.00) arrive steaming hot, I don't get them pan fried. The condiments on the table are watered down soy with rice vinegar mix and hot sauce. The soy mix has too much water and I find that I pour almost half a cup into my plate. The dumplings have tofu, scallion, carrot, cilantro, spinach, and garlic. The dough is soft and steamed to perfection. The vegetables are not overcooked, vibrant, and fresh. The sauce is too light to really add the necessary vinegar and soy flavor that these dumplings need.

The sesame vegetable sandwich was a little greasy on the outside. The vegetables inside the sandwich were shredded carrots, cilantro, lettuce, and a hoisin sauce. The greasy sandwich shell needs a good tissue rub down to remove the oily feeling and the inside is wonderful and refreshing. This sandwich is a mere $1.50 and very filling and healthy. The sesame bread is $.75 without any stuffing and a good treat.

I finished the meal with a wonderful warm cup of soy milk ($1.00). It was nice to have the sweet Chinatown drink to end a good meal.

Overall this is a good meal and leaves me loving this Dive.


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