Wednesday, April 15, 2009

7 1/4 Bistro in Winnipeg

Well, this place is quite close to my condo and a year earlier I had really enjoyed a meal in this restaurant. Today I have to kind of trash it! Its wild bc, I live among Canadians and as a result I am becoming sensitive to hurting peoples feelings, what a shame.

I got the chicken sandwich for lunch with fries. Another friend got the mussels, and a beet soup.

The beet Soup: I didn't try this off red shebang but it looked off. The girl who ordered the soup barely had a few spoon fulls before giving up. She said it tasted of cream, water, and boiled beets. This was terrible.

The chicken sandwich: It was some kind of previously cooked and frozen breast with tomato's (nice orange ones), mayo, and Cheddar cheese. This sandwich was something I ate, but really would have rather went to Stella's, or tomato pie then endure this meal. The bread tasted boring and old despite it appearing like Ciabatta.

Pomme Frite: THESE WERE FRIED HARD! bad. The mayo was old and looked off, why serve this.

The Mussels: They were fine, but not incredible. Too bad.

Sadly the quality and passion in the place have been lost.

Overall rating: **1/2
atmosphere: ****
Decor ****
Food: **
Service: ***
Out of 5 stars

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