Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mondragon in winnipeg

The food blows, the service really sucks, but I keep returning?
I do like the vibe and I dig that they allow the homeless population entry and a hang out space. I respect Mondragon for those things, however bad food and bad service needs to end. I mean how come their hummus is awful? Its simple to make a good hummus and they should be selling out of it!
Their starving courier platter comes with soaked chips and a not so yummie fake beef. Well, I would love to see them work out their food. Food is political, but shouldn't Political food taste good?

1 comment:

  1. I agree with you that their hummus sucks. I ordered it once, and never will again (unless they throw up a sign saying *brand new hummus recipe - this time it doesn't suck!*). That being said, I find some of their other food simply delicious. Most of the time for lunching I'll get a full caesar with a side order of southern fried tofu strips, but their veggie burgers are also very good, and they frequently have really good specials. Their service is lackluster during lunchtime, seemingly because they get quite busy, but if you head in there around 11:00 (as I usually do), before the rush, it's great!