Saturday, April 25, 2009

Honba Sushi Winnipeg

Honba Sushi
Dominion Centre

This looks like a take out spot. Everything is served in Styrofoam and take-out containers. Certainly, the thought of global warming is irrelevant in this sushi quickie.

We arrived 10 minutes late for the lunch special, and the girl behind the counter rudely informed me of this. I we ordered the spicy salmon roll,spicy tuna roll x2, miso soup, and a dynamite.

The spicy rolls' were good but much too much mayo and in the tuna roll there were several weird chewy bits. The miso soup was instant and OK. The dynamite roll was the best roll. Overall I found this place very expensive, if you miss the lunch special. I don't think I would run back, would much rather Meiji. Upon leaving I wanted to go to the bathroom and the girl was rude in telling me there wasn't one. I am afraid this rude girl might have encouraged this harsh review. You gotta be nice in a restaurant.


  1. I still thought it tasted nice...

  2. I think Honba is one of the best sushi place in Winnipeg.