Saturday, April 11, 2009

Les Jasmins De La Tunisie in winnipeg

Les Jasmins De La Tunisie
111 - 131 Provencher Blvd.
Winnipeg, MB R2H0G2

After hearing about this restaurant for sometime from our friend, Troy and I finally ventured to St. Boniface to try it. We started with two samosas, but after watching the owner take out Tupperware from the fridge full of samosas and then bring them to the kitchen and shortly after to us, I was prepared for the worst. When cutting into it the aroma of spices was wonderful. The outer crust was not crispy, but microwave soft. . The samosa had so much flavor, it was nice. It was potato, peas, curry, cilantro, and various spices that I wasn't familiar with. Overall a good introduction.

After talking to the owner we ordered the Oja with shrimp and a chicken couscous. The chicken couscous was good and came with veggies and a leg of chicken. It was very nice, it was like a Tunisian stew. The chicken had good flavour and was fall off the bone. The oja shrimp was a wonderful spicy tomato sauce with a poached egg in the middle (I would have preferred the egg not be poached firm, so the yolk would burst and engulf the dish), but it was wonderful. It arrived with a homemade rolls that was made from 60% wholewheat, I am guessing. It was wonderful and we enjoyed all of our food. The restaurant's dishes range in price. From $6-$15. Our total including drinks and tax was $30.00. We didn't try their Brik this time, but will plan a return trip for this favorite Tunisian speciality(also I am planing to make it at home!) I hear the Brik comes with a hard boiled egg- which isn't the best way to have Brik, but the only way at the moment in winnipeg.

Value **
Price *
food **1/2
atmosphere *
All out of 5

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