Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sweet Impressions

Finally decided to enter this bakery. I loved the look, the inside smells of butter and sugar- yum. The sugar cookies look totally cool as do the cakes and cupcakes. The outside all the way to the interior is really nice. We are excited to try chocolate cupcakes and the brownies for the chocolate month in Winnipeg. The cupcakes look amazing, the brownies are pre-wrapped in plastic and are very small. We finally get cups of tea prepared to eat the yummies.

The Brownies: They are small and flavorless and are very dry have a ton of tea ready. Brownie mixes are easily better, sad but true. They are a skip- hardly the rich chocolate flavor I expected.

The chocolate cupcake: The butter cream was the best part of both the cupcake and brownie experience, but hardly my favorite frosting. The cupcake is moist which I find to be a relief after such a dry brownie. However, the actually cake part is not very good, too much flour taste and too much baking powder of soda after taste (not good sensation on the tongue). There is no chocolate flavor in the actual cake. Sadly bland.

Food: *1/2
atmosphere: ***
Out of 5 stars

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