Saturday, April 18, 2009

Vi-Ann Restaurant in winnipeg

This Vietnamese restaurant in Winnipeg is slamming. They make my favorite vegetarian bunn in the city and an excellent Vegetable chow mein. They add tons of fresh vegetables and the sauces are great. There is a word of warning however, DO NOT ORDER OUTSIDE OF THE BOX. This is really serious, if you order anything beside the vegetarian bunn or the chow mein I can not guarantee you will like it. They do a few dishes well and the rest beware of. One time we walked in and decided to order totally wild and funky. This was a big mistake, but it was only after the fact. We ordered the shady lemon chicken and something weird with vegetarian duck. We have never strayed again, because we stick with he two trusted dishes. This reveiw is totallly positive.


  1. I didn't realize there was any good authentic vietnamese in Winnipeg. Most places serve pho and then call themselves vietnamese.

    I'm still waiting to find a vietnamese restaurant outside of vietnam that gives you a washcloth in an airfilled pouch. Now that would be authentic.

  2. Well I want a Vietnamese sandwich really bad- yummie. They were the best, but none to report in Winnipeg, yet.